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    1. JGM906 Crawler ExcavatorThe working devices of the product such as boom arm, dipper arm and bucket are strengthened to keep large excavating force under bad working conditions.
      The product has large bulldozing force and good grade ability as well.
      The imported hydraulic elements and high-level hydraulic pipeline ...
    1. JGM909L Wheeled ExcavatorThe lower hinge connection point of boom protracts forward. This design provides the wheeled excavator with wide working range. The boom with a length of 3.7 meters offers maximized lifting height and digging radius.
    1. JGM915-LC Crawler ExcavatorThe product is matched with the original imported Cummins engine marked by strong power, stable performance, low fuel consumption, high working efficiency, environment protection and low noise.
      Its cooling system has high working effect.
      The electronic control system can sense the load situation of the hydraulic system...
    1. JGM923-LC Crawler ExcavatorThe lower frame of the product is lengthened. In contrast with the counterparts in the market, the design of nine support wheels at single side makes the lower frame much firmer and more stable, making the product adapt to the extreme site with the further increased anti-overturning property.
      The working device of the product is optimized in view of heavy load working condition.
    1. JGM924 Crawler ExcavatorThere is a button for controlling the automatic idling and full speed switching function. When the function is enabled, the engine speed would automatically down to the idling if there is no any operational motion within three seconds. The engine staying at idling can also turn to the full speed state automatically when there is the need for operational motion.
    1. JGM924KY Crawler ExcavatorThe crawler excavator is equipped with imported Cummins engine which is efficient, environmental friendly, and offers low noise, strong power, stable performance.An electronic control system is available to detect the load condition of hydraulic system, which allows for timely adjustment of pump flow.
    1. JGM9075L Wheeled ExcavatorThe wheeled excavator is powered by a four-cylinder, four-stroke, turbocharged engine. An innovative engine cooling system design ensures uniform temperature distribution, allowing the wheeled excavator to work as usual under high temperature conditions.
    1. JGM9085L Wheeled Excavator (With Grapple)This range of wheeled excavator is equipped with a log grapple to support logging applications. It is powered by an especially designed A498BZG supercharged, large power engine, which helps save fuel by 1L/h.
    1. JGM751FT16 Wheel TelehandlerThe product has large power. It can lift the load with the maximum weight getting to 16t.
      The ultra-long wheel base and super strong frame enable stable operation of the product which can attain the dumping height of up to 3450mm. The product is compact with small turning radius. It can load and transport the material more easily than the hoisting machine.
    1. JGM751FT18L Wheel TelehandlerTo reduce the vibration and noise during operation, the heavy duty forklift adopts frame suspension system as the engine support, which greatly improves the driving comfort.
    1. JGM761FT21 Wheel TelehandlerFor the lifting height less than 1600mm, the rated loading capacity is 21 tons. The maximum lifting height is up to 3500mm. So material stockpiling becomes easier with this telescopic handler.
    1. JGM761FT25 Wheel TelehandlerFor the high distance of the chassis from the ground, it can work under a variety of complex conditions.
      The large departure angle of the balance weight enables strong grade ability.
      The product has large power. The optimized working device of single rocker arm ...
    1. JGM761FT26 Wheel TelehandlerWith the dumping height reaching 3690mm, the product can realize much easier material loading and stacking than the hoisting machine.
      Its key parts are strongly designed with finite element analysis to guarantee large bearing capacity.
      The cab of the product provides the driver with broad vision field and the comfortable feeling by taking
    1. JGM761FT28 Wheel Telehandler Apart from high safety and convenient material handling, this rough terrain forklift provides broad vision angle for the drivers. In addition, the flexible bi-directional absorber creates comfortable driving environment.
    1. JGM771FT30HB Wheel TelehandlerThe JGM771FT30HB wheel telehandler is designed with the rated load of 30t in the case of lifting height no greater than 1600mm.
    1. JGM771FT32HB Wheel TelehandlerThe fork tooth of the wheel telehandler has good abrasion resistance. So, users can enjoy the longer service life of the product.
    1. JGM791FT48 TelehandlerThe telescopic handler is fitted with our patented drive axle which comes with a built-in wet type brake. Thus, it offers high loading capacity, and a single axle supports maximum static load up to 110,000kg. Also, the braking torque is very high.
    1. Steel Fork TelehandlerIt can load the container and the blocky material such as steel plate. After many years' market research, we develop 7 types of such product with the models of JGM737F-II, JGM738F, JGM756F, JGM757F-II, JGM767F, JGM756F-III and JGM757F-III on the basis of customers' demands and economical efficiency.
    1. Extension Arm ExcavatorThe working device is designed with optimization by taking the heavy load working condition into consideration. Through local strengthening and box structure reinforcement, the working device of the product is endowed with the outstanding advantages containing light weight, large strength and small deformation under heavy load condition.
    1. High-dump Bucket Loader
    1. Side Dump Bucket LoaderIt is primarily suitable for the material loading and unloading in underground engineering involving the hydropower, tunnel, subway, etc. We can provide the product of 6 types with different configuration to meet customers’ needs and different working conditions, including the JGM755C-II type, JGM756C type, JGM757C-II type, JGM755C-III type, JGM756C-III type and JGM757C-III type.
    1. High Dump Coal Loader
    1. Rock Bucket LoaderThe key articulated positions of the product are constructed with the dustproof structure, which guarantees the good lubrication of the pins. Meanwhile, the large flow paper filter element is employed for the hydraulic oil suction and returning to keep cleanliness of the hydraulic system and reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic elements, thus extending the serving time ...
    1. Log LoaderThe log loader is configured with the log clamp for application in the occasions such as farm and forest farm for loading and unloading the regular wood which can also prolong the service lifetime of the clamp fork. We have developed three kinds of the product with the models of JGM738J, JGM755J-II and JGM757J-IIL for adapting to the requirements of different working conditions.
    1. Underground LoaderThe hydraulic system of the product uses the single pump shunt technology. It features low fuel consumption and good dynamic property.
      With the function of working device moving to flat state automatically available, the product needs short action cycling time, leading to high working efficiency.