Extension Arm Excavator

The extension arm excavator is specially designed excavating equipment according to the working condition. The extension arm is the working device at the front end for expanding the working scope of the excavating machine. Its connection part must conform to the connection dimension of the original excavating machine strictly so as to facilitate the installation and use. The product is suitable for construction and maintaining in foundation engineering needing deep pit working, building demolition requiring working point high above the ground or the river cleaning up.

Performance Features
1. The original imported Cummins engine is equipped to the extension arm excavator. It has strong power, stable performance and the merits covering fuel saving, high efficiency, environment protection and low noise.
2. Configured with the original imported main pump, valve, rotary motor, travel motor and speed reducer, the product has stable quality, fast working speed and nimble action.
3. The working device is designed with optimization by taking the heavy load working condition into consideration. Through local strengthening and box structure reinforcement, the working device of the product is endowed with the outstanding advantages containing light weight, large strength and small deformation under heavy load condition.
4. Through the layout optimization, the parts of the extension arm excavator needing maintenance and checking frequently are arranged at the position with easy access.
5. The design of intelligent operation and user-friendly display bring much convenience for the later maintenance and repair work.
6. The powerful air conditioner, large space, broad vision field, adjustable deluxe suspension seat, large size monitor plus the accessible operating devices create a comfortable operating environment for the operator.

Selectable Unit
1. Various Buckets
2. Various Dipper Arms
3. Available Service Valve Connection Device for Installation of A Variety of Hydraulic Equipment

Standard Facility
1. Original Imported Cummins Engine
2. Original Imported Main Pump, Valve, Rotary Motor and other Components with International Famous Brand
3. Standard Boom Arm, Dipper Arm and Standard Bucket

Related Names
Long Reach Digger | Heavy Excavation Equipment | Boom Arm Excavator

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