1. 1.6 Ton Wheel LoaderThe configuration of single phase single stage 3-element torque converter supporting the shaft-fixed transmission gearbox is a rational match for the engine, leading to large traction force.
      The optimized working device of single rocker arm reversal mechanism can enable large breakout force.
    1. 3 Ton Wheel LoaderThe integral quenched cutting plate strengthened bucket has higher strength and durability. Its serving lifetime can be enhanced exponentially.
      The hydraulic system of the product takes usage of single pump flow division technology. It is fuel efficient with good dynamic property.
    1. 3.5 Ton Wheel LoaderDue to the adoption of ultra long wheel base, frame with hinge connection in the middle and box-type structure, the whole product has good working stability and strong frame bearing capacity.
      The top-rank free maintenance accumulator from Johnson Controls also contributes to the reliable and stable operation of the product.
    1. 8 Ton Wheel LoaderThe FOPS (Roll Over Protection System) and ROPS (Falling Objects Protection System), four-point elastic suspension system, coupled with the vibration absorption system utilizing silicone damper oil, provides the wheel loader operator with maximized comfortableness and safety.

Wheel Loader

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