1. Steel Fork TelehandlerIt can load the container and the blocky material such as steel plate. After many years' market research, we develop 7 types of such product with the models of JGM737F-II, JGM738F, JGM756F, JGM757F-II, JGM767F, JGM756F-III and JGM757F-III on the basis of customers' demands and economical efficiency.
    1. Extension Arm ExcavatorThe working device is designed with optimization by taking the heavy load working condition into consideration. Through local strengthening and box structure reinforcement, the working device of the product is endowed with the outstanding advantages containing light weight, large strength and small deformation under heavy load condition.
    1. Side Dump Bucket LoaderIt is primarily suitable for the material loading and unloading in underground engineering involving the hydropower, tunnel, subway, etc. We can provide the product of 6 types with different configuration to meet customers’ needs and different working conditions, including the JGM755C-II type, JGM756C type, JGM757C-II type, JGM755C-III type, JGM756C-III type and JGM757C-III type.
    1. Rock Bucket LoaderThe key articulated positions of the product are constructed with the dustproof structure, which guarantees the good lubrication of the pins. Meanwhile, the large flow paper filter element is employed for the hydraulic oil suction and returning to keep cleanliness of the hydraulic system and reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic elements, thus extending the serving time ...
    1. Log LoaderThe log loader is configured with the log clamp for application in the occasions such as farm and forest farm for loading and unloading the regular wood which can also prolong the service lifetime of the clamp fork. We have developed three kinds of the product with the models of JGM738J, JGM755J-II and JGM757J-IIL for adapting to the requirements of different working conditions.
    1. Underground LoaderThe hydraulic system of the product uses the single pump shunt technology. It features low fuel consumption and good dynamic property.
      With the function of working device moving to flat state automatically available, the product needs short action cycling time, leading to high working efficiency.

Special Construction Equipment/Earthmoving Equipment

Related Names
Foundation Engineering Machine | Heavy Earthmovers | Soil Handling Equipment