1. JGM737G-II High-dump Bucket LoaderThe working device of single rocker arm Z-form reversal mechanism is optimized through the computer analysis to guarantee large breakout force.
      The automatic flat system for the working device is available with short action cycling time and high working efficiency.
    1. JGM755G-III High-dump Bucket LoaderIt is equipped with the single-stage 4-element twin turbine torque converter which benefits for reducing the gear number and has a good fit with the transmission gearbox and engine, guaranteeing large traction force.
      The short wheel base and small turning radius make the product move flexibly.
    1. JGM756G-IIIL High-dump Bucket LoaderThe product is flexible by adoption of medium wheel base with centered layout.
      The working device of the product can move to the flat level automatically with short action cycling time, enabling high working efficiency.
      The hydraulic oil cooler is serviceable to make the product suitable for harsh working condition.
    1. JGM757G-IIIL High-dump Bucket LoaderSelectable Unit:
      Dongkang 6CTA8.3 or Weichai Standard Landking Generation-II Engine
      Meritor Drive Axle
      Standard Facility: Weichai Landking Generation-II Low Speed Engine
    1. JGM767G High-dump Bucket LoaderStandard Facility:
      Weichai Landking Generation-II Engine with the Power of 175kW
      Air-over-oil Caliper Disc Service Brake System and Pneumatically Controlled Clamp Type Parking Brake System

High-dump Bucket Loader

The high-dump bucket loader has extra long boom arm with the dumping height higher than that of the standard configured wheel loader. It is appropriate for the users requiring high dumping height. The product often serves in infrastructural construction concerning highway, railway, building, hydropower facility, port, etc. By fully considering the market demands and working conditions, we develop 8 types of the product with different configuration and features. The models of this series of high-dump bucket loader are JGM737G-II, JGM755G-II, JGM756G, JGM755G-III, JGM756G-IIIL, JGM757G-II, JGM757G-IIIL and JGM767G.

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