High-dump Bucket Loader

Features and Functions
1. Through the optimization for the working device of single rocker arm Z-form reversal mechanism, the JGM756G-IIIL high-dump bucket loader can provide large lifting and breakout force.
2. The single-stage 4-element twin turbine torque converter attains rational matching with the transmission gearbox and engine to get large traction force. It also contributes to reducing the gear number.
3. By adopting the Jingong 50 reinforced drive axle, the product has large bearing capacity.
4. The engine of the high-dump bucket loader is the Weichai Landking Generation-II low speed type featuring strong power, large torque and traction force, environment protection as well as the largely reduced fuel consumption with the fully enhanced efficiency.
5. The product is flexible by adoption of medium wheel base with centered layout.
6. The working device of the product can move to the flat level automatically with short action cycling time, enabling high working efficiency.
7. The hydraulic oil cooler is serviceable to make the product suitable for harsh working condition.
8. The high-dump bucket loader is designed with the wing type machine cover side door. The maintenance space is large for convenient maintaining work.
9. The auxiliary device of front air conditioner with the defrosting function is also available for service.
10. For boosting the security, the product is fitted with the reversing alarm device for avoiding the occurrence of the accident in the reversing process.

Selectable Unit
1. Weichai Landking Generation-II Engine
2. Meritor Drive Axle
3. Cooling or the Cooling and Heating Air Conditioner
4. Automatic Weighing Device
5. Pilot Operation
6. Automatic Centralized Lubrication
7. High-level Driver's Seat (including armrest, headrest and safety belt)
8. Advance or Triangle Tyre

Standard Facility
1. Weichai Landking Generation-II Low Speed Engine
2. Air-over-oil Caliper Disc Service Brake System and Flexible Shaft Manipulating Clamp Type Parking Brake System
3. Single-stage 4-element Twin Turbine Torque Converter
4. Standard Tyre with the Specification of 23.5-25-16PR
5. Planetary Hydraulic Shift Transmission Gearbox
6. Jingong 50 Reinforced Drive Axle
7. Extra Long Boom Arm and Standard Bucket

Item Parameter Unit
Bucket Capacity 2.7
Rated Load 5000 kg
Operating Weight 16790 kg
Dumping Height 3520 mm
Dumping Reach 1430 mm
Overall Length 8200 mm
Min. Turning Radius (Outer Edge of Bucket) 7100 mm

Related Names
Mining Material Handler | Rock Remover | Telescopic Lift

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