1. JGM755-III Economical Front LoaderThe short wheel base and small turning radius make the operator operate the product flexibly.
      By taking exploitation of our 50 planetary transmission gearbox and single-stage 4-element twin turbine torque converter, the product can achieve faster acceleration.
      The dual pump confluence hydraulic system is conducive to high efficiency and energy saving.
    1. JGM756-III Efficient Front LoaderThe product has large lifting force and breakout force owing to the optimization design for the single rocker arm Z-form reversal mechanism.
      The single-phase 4-element twin turbine torque converter with reduced number of gear forms rational match with transmission gearbox and engine to assure large traction force.
    1. JGM757-II Reinforced Front LoaderThe key parts and components of the product are analyzed through the finite element analysis method.
      The product is designed with the front and rear tyres' tracks overlapped. The tyres have long service lifetime.
    1. JGM757-III Heavy Duty Front LoaderThe top, rear and side parts of the cab interior are constructed from the new GFP material pressed through the steel mold, creating an elegant interior environment.
      In addition to the spacious interior and broad vision field, the operating devices in the cab are arranged rationally for convenient operation.
    1. iJGM757 Energy Efficient Front LoaderOur patented intelligent control system allows for real time monitoring of the operation status of the front loader.It also provides the wheel loader with GPS positioning as well as remote monitoring and failure diagnosis functions.
    1. JGM758 High-End Front LoaderThe forced KD switch of the product boosts the working efficiency.
      The hydraulic oil cooler makes the product more suitable for working in harsh environment.
      Owing to the full hydraulic coaxial flow amplifying steering system, the steering operation is more handy, flexible and reliable.

5 Ton Wheel Loader

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