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Efficient Front Loader

The JGM756-III efficient front loader is your trustworthy partner to create wealth. Featuring high strength, large power, stable and reliable operation, it is especially fit for the mine requiring flexibility and large breakout force.

Performance Features
1. Large Power

A. The product has large lifting force and breakout force owing to the optimization design for the single rocker arm Z-form reversal mechanism.
B. The single-phase 4-element twin turbine torque converter with reduced number of gear forms rational match with transmission gearbox and engine to assure large traction force.
C. The product is configured with the Jingong 50 strengthened drive axle which has large bearing capacity.
D. The adopted Weichai low speed engine of Landking Generation II is powerful.
E. The box-type structure of the product has strong bearing capacity.
F. The body of the efficient front loader is strengthened in the combination of single rocker arm Z-form reversal mechanism, strong front and rear frame as well as our 50 transmission assembly (including the torque converter).

2. High Efficiency
A. By using the design of medium wheelbase and centring arrangement, the product has high mobility and flexibility.
B. Due to the function of automatically moving to the flat state of the working device, the action cycling time is short and the working efficiency is high.
C. The dual pump confluence hydraulic system of the product can work with high efficiency and save energy.
D. The product can accelerate faster owing to the match of our 50 planetary transmission gearbox and single-stage 4-element twin turbine torque converter.

3. High Working Reliability
A. The 50 planetary transmission gearbox fabricated by us and drive axle configured to the product are stable and reliable during the operation.
B. The flame retardant material is employed to the high-quality electrical element, wire and sheath which are reliable and durable.
C. The high-level accumulator of the efficient front loader is the free maintenance type. It works stably and reliably.
D. The cab is manufactured by employing the overall steel frame to ensure high structural strength and reliable quality.
E. The reliability of the product can also be guaranteed in the aspects by forming the front part of the cab via the mold, taking overall blanking for the floor plate as well as constructing the overall frame type rear machine cover.
F. The operational reliability can also be ensured through the weichai engine of Landking Generation II.
a. The Weichai engine is characterized by large torque, large traction force, environment protection, low fuel consumption and high efficiency.
b. The fuel system protector for the engine plays important functions listed below.
I. It can keep normal work of the efficient front loader after filled with the diesel of the same grade under the special weather and environment conditions. In detail, even in the environment with the temperature of about 0°C, the fuel system protector can guarantee normal work of the engine which is filled with 0# diesel oil.
II. It can achieve oil pumping and air exhaust. Thus, the startup time can be shortened and the lifetime of the startup element can be prolonged.
III. The adoption of the trustworthy dewater filter core for filtering impurities and moisture can decrease the fuel system failure rate.
c. The electromagnetic thermostat fan has the function of automatic adjustment of the fan speed.
I. This function can improve the thermal equilibrium of the diesel engine and extend the replacement cycle of piston, piston ring, piston pin and cylinder liner.
II. The useless power consume of the fan can also be lowered to save the fuel.

4. More Comfort
A. The electromagnetic thermostat fan of the diesel engine can help reduce the vibration of engine to boost the comfort of the cab.
B. The cab of the efficient front loader has excellent damping effect of up to more than 85% by implementing the 4-point elastic suspension and bi-directional shock absorption.
C. In the cab, the noise reduction through the adoption of sound-absorbing material and the sound insulation via the floor mats play the function of weakening the reverberation in the cab to bring down the fatigue of the operator.
D. The composite material of the interior decoration makes the cab look nice. The internal space is large to enable a large vision field. Meanwhile, the rationally arranged operating devices bring much convenience for operation.

5. Long Working Lifetime
A. The hydraulic oil suction and returning introduce large flow paper filter element for keeping the cleanliness of the hydraulic system and decreasing the failure rate of hydraulic components to extend the service lifetime.
B. The key articulated position of the efficient front loader is constructed with dustproof structure to keep long lasting service time of the pins.
C. Owing to the high durability, the integral cutting board and bucket tooth have a longer service lifetime.

6. Convenient Maintenance
A. The design of wing type machine cover side door enables large maintenance space to provide convenience for the maintenance work.
B. The overall window lifted backwards is set for more convenience.
C. The accessories can be available easily for the universality.

7. Diversified Configuration
A. Weichai low speed engine of Landking Generation II and Jingong 50 strengthened axle
B. Meritor drive axle
C. Cooling or the cooling and heating air conditioner
D. Automatic weighing device
E. Advance or Aeolus tyre

No. Item Parameter Unit
1 Operating Weight 16500 kg
2 Rated Load 5000 kg
3 Bucket Capacity 2.3-.6
4 Max. Dumping Height 3500 mm
5 Corresponding Dumping Reach 1430 mm
6 Max. Traction Force ≥160 KN
7 Max. Breakout Force ≥160 KN
8 Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 7657×2990×3410 mm
9 Boom Lifting Time ≤5.5 s
10 Total Cycling Time ≤11 s
11 Wheel Base 2900 mm
12 Min. Turning Radius (Outer Edge of Bucket) 6800 mm
13 Rated Power 162 kW
14 Traveling Speed Forward Gear I 0-11.5 km/h
Forward Gear II 0-36 km/h
Reverse Gear I 0-16 km/h
15 Fuel Tank Capacity 230 L
16 Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 280 L
Note: There is no prior notice for the change of the structure and parameters of the efficient front loader. The actual product shall prevail if the actual information is different from the description above.

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