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iJGM757 Energy Efficient Front Loader

The iJGM757 model front loader is a new generation wheel loader featuring great energy efficiency and high intelligence.

Performance and Design Features of the Front Loader
Innovative external and structure design
1. With external design similar to Kia Sportage, the bucket loader is available with streamlined body as well as elegant and attractive appearance.

2. Innovative cab design. All metal plates for the cab construction are processed via stamping technique. High cab sealing performance provides wheel loader operators with a comfortable and noise-free environment.

3. The framework for the front loader is welded from square steel, contributing to high structural strength. Super-large wing-style side door makes the heavy equipment convenient for maintenance and repairing.

Lower fuel consumption: A special hydraulic system utilizing three pumps, coupled with highly energy efficient WEICHAI low speed engine, ensure 15-18% reduction in fuel consumption
1. The front loader is equipped with a hydraulic steering system which supports load sensing. The duplex steering pump realizes automatic and variable flow control, which ensures stable and comfortable operation as well as great fuel efficiency.

2. Due to the hydraulic system with unloading valve, the wheel loader minimizes the hydraulic oil loss caused by overflow during operation. The engine power is maximized as well. Thus, the overall operation efficiency is improved and the fuel consumption is reduced.

Patented intelligent control system
1. Our patented intelligent control system allows for real time monitoring of the operation status of the front loader, including the engine speed, engine water temperature, engine oil pressure, transmission oil temperature and pressure, hydraulic system oil pressure, fuel consumption, electrical elements conditions, and more. It also provides the wheel loader with GPS positioning as well as remote monitoring and failure diagnosis functions.

2. The energy efficient front loader is designed with a digital combined instrument panel which is a very popular design among car manufacturers. A stepper motor is employed for pointer control, ensuring high reliability and great esthetic.

3. The construction equipment integrates a PCB busses electrical center. When there is a short circuit, a indicator light will be available to remind users that there is a need for troubleshooting and machinery maintenance.

Technical Specifications of the Energy Efficient Front Loader
Operating Weight 17590kg
Rated Load 5000kg
Bucket Capacity 2.7m³
Dumping Height (when the bucket reaches the maximum height at 45° tilting angle) 3520mm
Dumping Reach (when the bucket reaches the maximum height at 45° tilting angle) 1430mm
Max. Traction Force ≥160KN
Max. Breakout Force ≥170KN
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (including the FOPS) 8325×2990×3410mm
Boom Lifting Time ≤6.3s
Total Cycling Time ≤12s
Wheel Base 3230 mm
Min. Turning Radius (to the outer edge of bucket) 7160mm
Rated Power 162KW
Traveling Speed Forward Gear I 0~11.5 (km/h)
Forward Gear II 0~36 (km/h)
Reverse Gear I 0~16 (km/h)
Fuel Tank Capacity 230 (L)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 270 (L)
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