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Wheel Telehandler /Telescopic Loader

Performance Features
1. Super Strong Off-road Performance
A. By using the four-wheel drive mode, the JGM751FT16 wheel telehandler has large traction force.
B. Designed by keeping the chassis high from the ground, it can adapt to a variety of complex working conditions.
C. The balance weight of the product has large departure angle, making the product climb the slope easily.

2. Good Efficiency
A. The product has large power. It can lift the load with the maximum weight getting to 16t.
B. The ultra-long wheel base and super strong frame enable stable operation of the product which can attain the dumping height of up to 3450mm. The product is compact with small turning radius. It can load and transport the material more easily than the hoisting machine.
C. After changing the working device into the bucket, the wheel telehandler can be used for another purpose such as leveling the land.
D. By using the product for loading and transportation, the security can get guaranteed.
E. Under the assistance of modern exploitation technology, the product can pry and shovel the quarry stone effortlessly, which can reduce labor costs and intensity greatly.

3. High Strength
A. The working device of the product is optimized for getting large lifting force.
B. The key structural parts are designed strongly by using the finite element analysis method to keep large bearing capacity.

4. Long Life Expectancy
A. The key articulated position of the wheel telehandler is protected with the dustproof structure for good tightness and small abrasion.
B. The fork tooth is durable with long service lifetime.

5. Convenient Maintenance
The product can be maintained conveniently with high universality for the accessories.

6. Comfortable Driving
A. Constructed with the dual rocker arm reversal six-bar linkage mechanism, it can provide good vision angle for the driver.
B. The cab of the product has broad vision field as well as sound insulation and shock absorption effect.

7. Good Reliability
A. The product is equipped with the technologically advanced turbocharged engine with strong power and large torque reserve.
B. The 4-element twin turbine transmission gearbox of the product has good reliability and strong adaptability to heavy load.
C. The drive axle of the product is the reinforced type with high strength and heavy load capacity.
D. The adoption of 24-layer engineering tyres for front and rear wheels elevates the adaptability of the wheel telehandler to the harsh working conditions.
E. The vertical type middle hinged shaft lifting hydraulic cylinder is equipped to the product. With the rising of the boom arm, the fork has the certain elevation angle, improving the reliability and security of the product working with harsh conditions and heavy load.
F. The combination of the coaxial flow amplifying steering gear and the dual pump confluence and shunt steering priority hydraulic system composed of the priority valve and unloading valve can get good energy saving effect and decrease the pressure loss of the pipeline through the optimization for the hydraulic pipeline.
G. The reversing alarm system boosts the driving security of the product.

Selectable Unit
1. WD615 Engine of Sinotruk or Weichai Landking Generation-II Low Speed Engine
2. Cooling or the Cooling and Heating Air Conditioner
3. Special Bucket
4. Tyre Protecting Chain
5. Working Device for Loading Accropode and Other Special Material

Standard Facility
1. 162kW Turbocharged Engine
2. Air-over-oil Caliper Disc Service Brake System and Flexible Shaft Manipulating Clamp Type Parking Brake System
3. Single-stage 4-element Twin Turbine Torque Converter
4. Standard Tyre with the Specification of 23.5-25-24PR
5. Planetary Hydraulic Shift Transmission Gearbox
6. 50 Reinforced Drive Axle with Four-wheel Drive Mode
7. Standard Boom Arm and Standard Quarry Stone Fork Loading Device

No. Item Parameter Unit
1 Operating Weight 18600 kg
2 Max. Load Weight (Height of Fork from Ground ≤1500mm, Steering Angle ≤10°) 16000 kg
5 Max. Grade Ability 23 °
6 Fork Dimension (L×W) 1500×1080 mm
7 Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 7800 × 2880 ×3270 mm
8 Working Device Action Time Lifting Time with Rated Load ≤6.3 s
Fork Tilting Forward Time ≤1.2 s
Dropping Time with No Load ≤4.5 s
Total Cycling Time ≤12 s
9 Min. Turning Radius 6470 mm
10 Rated Power 162 kW
11 Fuel Tank Capacity 220 L
12 Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 270 L
Note: The structure and specification are subject to change without prior notice. In the case of difference between the actual product and the above mentioned product, the actual product shall govern.

We are the leader and pioneer of the telescopic loader in the domestic rough stone block industry by developing the product for rough stone block loading and transportation on the basis of the advanced rough stone block exploiting and processing conditions. The successful development of the product brings about the breakthrough in the quarry stone industry.
1. The traditional exploiting method for the granite and marble quarry stone is changed.
2. The working efficiency in the exploiting and processing process is boosted.
3. The adoption of the product can reduce the loss of the quarry stone, thus increasing the marketing value of the quarry stone to create greater profit margins for customers.
4. The wheel telehandler can lower down the labor intensity of the exploitation personnel and also decrease the cost of quarry stone exploitation.
5. The whole working in the mining and processing site is guaranteed with security and reliability.

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