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Crawler Excavator

We develop the JGM924 crawler excavator by referring to the excellence of the similar products in other factories and combining our more than three decades' professional rich experience. The product has high performance price ratio and adapts to various complex working conditions.

Performance and Configuration
1. Strong and Energy-saving Power System

A. The original imported Isuzu engine for the product has outstanding merits covering strong power, stable performance, low fuel consumption, high working efficiency but low noise.
B. The electronic control system has the function of sensing the load condition of the hydraulic system for timely regulating the flow of pump to keep optimum load speed operation of the engine, thus saving the fuel.
C. The cooling system on the crawler excavator has high working efficiency to keep normal operation of the product.
D. For increasing the operating reliability of the engine under harsh working conditions, we take usage of multi-stage filtration for the fuel, making the product have higher adaptability for application in different regions.

2. Professional Design for High Durability and Reliability
A. The product is designed technologically to ensure good grade ability and large excavating force. By strengthening the working device such as boom arm, dipper arm and bucket, it can still output large excavating force under bad working conditions.
B. The high firmness and durability make the imported hydraulic elements and high-quality hydraulic pipeline withstand the hydraulic oil pressure fluctuation.
C. The crawler excavator adopts professional engine intake pipeline layout to decrease the possibility of unnecessary engine fault resulted from the pipeline damage, thus saving the maintenance cost for customers.
D. The optimization design of local reinforcement and box-type strengthening method aiming at the heavy load working condition allows for light weight, large strength and small deformation under heavy load condition.
E. The product is designed to have lengthened lower frame. Compared to the counterparts in the market, its lower frame is firmer and more stable owing to the nine supporting wheels at single side. The product then is more suitable for extreme working field with higher anti-overturning property.

3. Fast Working Speed, Flexible Movement and Stable Quality
A. The full set of core hydraulic elements of the product is imported for keeping high working stability. The agile and flexible pilot control is also adopted.
B. The structure of the valve has high level of integration. Via the valve, the function such as slewing priority and keeping traveling straight can be realized. Meanwhile, various kinds of hydraulic equipment can be mounted by reason of the service valve connection device.
C. The crawler excavator is furnished with the cross constant power negative flow control twin pump. It controls the flow of the pump by way of collecting the pressure, achieving precise control for energy saving.
D. The pure Japanese dual speed travel motor can automatically adjust the traveling speed in line with the road condition. Due to the built-in hydraulic buffer, the product can actualize stable starting and stopping without impact.
E. With the ultra strong output torque matching the 26t excavating machine, the rotary motor of the product can be started stably with quick response, which can enhance the rotary working efficiency. The wear-free hydraulic buffer braking function also comes into service.

4. Simple Remote Monitoring and Operating System for much Convenience
A. The power mode for the product is the optional H, S and L. Each mode attains good matching with the engine, pump and systematic pressure. The appropriate power mode suitable for actual working environment enables more precise power control and saving fuel.
B. There is a button for controlling the automatic idling and full speed switching function. When the function is enabled, the engine speed would automatically down to the idling if there is no any operational motion within three seconds. The engine staying at idling can also turn to the full speed state automatically when there is the need for operational motion.
C. The factory, agency and user at different places can master the real-time working state of the crawler excavator as well by way of the remote monitoring function.
D. The remote diagnosis and fault alarm functions make it possible for the user, agency and manufacturer to know the fault together for analyzing and processing the fault quickly. The downtime of the product can be shortened as far as possible.
E. The user can maintain the product in accordance with the automatic maintenance reminding function to fully maintain the use value of the machine.

5. Intelligent Operation and Convenient Display Device
A. The hydraulic system of the product controls the opening and closing of the valve via the hand pilot control. The power system directly controls the power output range via the electronic control system according to the selection of users to achieve appropriate machine load matching corresponding work.
B. The design of functional switches concentrated on the control board with point touch buttons makes the driver feel convenient to operate.
C. The multifunctional LCD display device can show the operating information of the major components of the product such as engine. The driver can query the needed information conveniently.

6. Comfortable Environment for Driver
A. The temperature in the cab is maintained at the comfortable level due to the powerful air conditioner.
B. Apart from the large interior space as well as bright and broad vision field, the cab of the crawler excavator is fitted with the adjustable deluxe suspension seat, large-size monitor and operating devices which are easy to reach.

7. Convenient and Simple Maintenance
A. We keep the parts needing frequent maintenance and checking within reach through layout optimization.
B. Placing the components with similar function together facilitates the maintenance and overhauling.

Item Parameter Unit
Operating Weight 22750 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.7-1.2 m3
Engine Model Isuzu CC-6BG1TRP  
Rated Power at 2200rmp 128.5/2100 kW/rpm
Max. Torque 697/1800 Nm/rpm
Displacement 6.494 L
Performance Parameter Traveling Speed (Low/High) 3.4/6.15 km/h
Slewing Speed 11.8 rpm
Standard Ground Pressure 44 KPa
Max. Excavating Force of Bucket 135 KN
Max. Excavating Force of Dipper Arm 110 KN
Overall Dimensions A. Overall Length 9665 mm
B. Total Width 2990 mm
C. Boom Arm Top Height 3200 mm
D. Width of Turntable 2710 mm
E. Driver's Cab Top Height 3055 mm
F. Ground Clearance of Balance Weight 1070 mm
G. Top Height of Balance Weight 2030 mm
H. Min. Ground Clearance 465 mm
I. Tail End Slewing Radius 3075 mm
J. Wheel base 3650 mm
K. Track Length 4443 mm
M. Track Gauge 2390 mm
N. Standard Track Width 600 mm
Working Range A. Max. Excavating Radius 9743 mm
B. Max. Excavating Depth 6225 mm
C. Max. Excavating Height 9416 mm
D. Max. Dumping Height 6519 mm
E. Max. Ground Excavating Reach 9570 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 442 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 278 L
Coolant Capacity 50 L
Engine Lubricating Oil Capacity 21 L
Travel Speed Reducer Oil Capacity 2 ×5.4 L
Slewing Reducer Oil Capacity 4.5 L
Note: The structure and specification of the crawler excavator are subject to change without prior notice. If the actual product has something different from the abovementioned product, the actual product shall govern.

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