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Crawler Excavator

The JGM923-LC crawler excavator is featured with high professional standard, low fuel consumption, high reliability, high efficiency, good driving comfort and good environment protection. It is developed by combining our more than thirty years' experience and the advantages of the counterparts as well as our own characteristics. The product has high performance price ratio with the configuration of high strength structural parts, advanced intelligent electronic control system, excellent user-oriented design, comfortable driving environment and reasonable layout for whole machine.

Performance Features
1. Strong and Fuel Efficient Power System

A. The power system of the product is configured with the original imported Cummins engine which can output strong power but consume little fuel. The engine also performs excellently in high efficiency, low noise and environment protection.
B. The good cooling system can keep sound operation of the crawler excavator.
C. The electronic control system can sense the load situation of the hydraulic system to adjust the pump flow timely, keeping the engine running with optimum load speed, thus attaining the purpose of saving fuel.
D. The reliability of engine working under bad conditions can be elevated by using the multistage filtration for fuel. Our product can be applied without regional restriction.

2. Stable Quality, Fast Working Speed and Nimble Movement
A. The full set of hydraulic core elements is imported and the flexible pilot control is adopted.
B. The hydraulic pump is the cross constant power negative flow control twin pump type. It controls the flow of pump through collecting the pressure, which can achieve precise control for energy saving.
C. The valve is fabricated with high integration level. Via the valve, the functions such as rotary priority and keeping running straight can be achieved. Additionally, the service valve connection device is available for installing a variety of hydraulic equipment.
D. The rotary motor of the crawler excavator can guarantee ultra strong output torque matching the 26t excavating machine. It can be started quickly and stably, raising the rotary working efficiency. Meanwhile, the wear-free hydraulic buffer brake enables steady operation with no impact.
E. The pure Japanese dual speed travel motor can automatically adjust the traveling speed in line with the road condition. Embedded with hydraulic buffer, it enables steady starting and stopping without impact.

3. Easy and Convenient Repair and Maintenance
Due to the layout optimization, the parts needing frequent checking and maintenance are arranged at the place within reach. Meanwhile, the components with similar functions are placed together for convenient overhauling and repair.

4. High Durability and Reliability Owing to the Technical Design
A. The crawler excavator can have large excavating force even in the bad working environment owing to the strengthened working devices such as boom arm, dipper arm and bucket. It also has outstanding climbing capacity.
B. The well-manufactured hydraulic elements and hydraulic pipeline can work normally with high durability even under hydraulic oil pressure fluctuation.
C. The lower frame of the product is lengthened. In contrast with the counterparts in the market, the design of nine support wheels at single side makes the lower frame much firmer and more stable, making the product adapt to the extreme site with the further increased anti-overturning property.
D. The working device of the product is optimized in view of heavy load working condition. It is processed with local reinforcement and box-type strengthening methods so as to keep light weight, large strength and small deformation when the product works with heavy load.

5. Intelligent Operation and User-friendly Display Design
A. With the multifunctional LCD display device available, all the running information of the components such as engine can be collected for query at any time.
B. The user-friendly design of concentrated functional switches on the control board with point touch button is convenient for switch option.
C. The hydraulic system of the crawler excavator controls the opening and closing of the valve via the hand pilot control, featuring high agility and fast action response. The power system controls the power output range directly through the electronic system according to the selection of the user to actualize appropriate load for corresponding work.

6. Comfortable Driving Environment
A. The temperature in the cab is controlled at the comfortable level with the service of the strong air conditioner.
B. The large and bright interior space of cab allows for broad vision field of the driver.
C. The driver can also enjoy the adjustable deluxe suspension seat as well as the large size monitor and the accessible operating devices.

7. Reassuring Remote Monitoring and Operating System
A. The power mode is optional with H, S and L. The design for each mode matches with the engine, pump and systematic pressure. The selection of the power mode is implemented through the fine turning. The appropriate power mode in line with the working environment enables more precise power control and better fuel efficiency.
B. Within three seconds, if there is no any operational motion, the crawler excavator can reduce the engine speed automatically to idling state for energy saving and environment protection. The engine speed can go back to the original level if there is the need for operation. The full speed and idling state switching function can be canceled by pushing the Cancel key to keep the engine running with full speed always.
C. The remote monitoring function allows the factory, agency and owner at different places to know the real-time working status of the machine.
D. The fault alarm and remote diagnosis functions enable the owner, agency and manufacturer to master the working conditions of the product together so as to handle the fault quickly for minimizing the downtime.
E. The automatic maintenance reminding function provides the convenience for the user to maintain the crawler excavator on schedule, thus extending the service time and maintaining the technical performance of the machine as much as possible.

Item Parameter Unit
Operating Weight 22320 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.7-1.1
Engine Model Cummins 6BTA5.9  
Rated Power at 2200rmp 125/2000 kW/rpm
Max. Torque 651/1500 Nm/rpm
Displacement 5.9 L
Performance Parameter Traveling Speed (Low/High) 3.4/6.15 km/h
Slewing Speed 11.8 rpm
Standard Ground Pressure 44 KPa
Max. Excavating Force of Bucket 135 KN
Max. Excavating Force of Dipper Arm 110 KN
Overall Dimensions A. Overall Length 9665 mm
B. Total Width 2990 mm
C. Boom Arm Top Height 3200 mm
D. Width of Turntable 2710 mm
E. Cab Top Height 3055 mm
F. Ground Clearance of Balance Weight 1070 mm
G. Balance Weight Top Height 2030 mm
H. Min. Ground Clearance 465 mm
I. Tail End Slewing Radius 3075 mm
J. Wheel Base 3650 mm
K. Track Length 4443 mm
M. Track Gauge 2390 mm
N. Standard Track Width 600 mm
Working Range A. Max. Excavating Radius 9743 mm
B. Max. Excavating Depth 6225 mm
C. Max. Excavating Height 9416 mm
D. Max. Dumping Height 6519 mm
E. Max. Ground Excavating Reach 9570 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 442 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 278 L
Coolant Capacity 50 L
Engine Lubricating Oil Capacity 16.5 L
Travel Speed Reducer Oil Capacity 2 ×5.4 L
Slewing Reducer Oil Capacity 4.5 L
Note: Structure and specification are subject to change without prior notice. In case there is any difference between the description of the product and the actual product, the actual product shall govern.

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