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Crawler Excavator

The JGM915-LC crawler excavator adopts the high-level key hydraulic elements. Featuring high performance price ratio, it is constructed with high strength structural parts, rational layout, advanced intelligent electronic control system, comfortable operation environment and excellent user-oriented design.

Performance Features
1. Strong and Energy-saving Power System
A. The product is matched with the original imported Cummins engine marked by strong power, stable performance, low fuel consumption, high working efficiency, environment protection and low noise.
B. Its cooling system has high working effect.
C. The electronic control system can sense the load situation of the hydraulic system to adjust the flow of the pump timely, making the engine operate with the optimum load speed for achieving fuel saving.
D. The multi-stage filtration for the fuel enhances the operating reliability of the engine under the bad working conditions, making the crawler excavator suitable for application in different regions.

2. Stable Quality, Flexible Movement and Fast Working Speed
A. By adopting the original imported main pump, the product has small power loss and fast working speed. The main pump can automatically adjust the hydraulic system according to the flow.
B. The product also takes usage of the original imported valve whose complex movement is optimized for high movement precision and long service lifetime, the original imported rotary motor, travel motor and speed reducer. It is endowed with the functions of starting buffer, hydraulic brake without abrasion and automatic parking brake.
C. The product shows the superior excavating force and climbing capability.

3. Professional Design for High Durability and Reliability
A. The reinforced working devices such as boom arm, dipper arm and bucket can guarantee large excavating force of the crawler excavator in bad working conditions.
B. The professional engine intake pipeline layout can reduce the unnecessary malfunction of the engine caused by the damage of the pipeline, thus bringing down the maintenance and use cost of customers.
C. The lower frame of the product is designed to be the lengthened type. The seven support wheels on single side make the lower frame more stable and reliable. Thus, the product won't tip over easily. It can cope with various bad site conditions.
D. The hydraulic elements and components as well as the hydraulic pipeline are imported or manufactured by high-level enterprises. They can serve stably and reliably under the condition of hydraulic oil pressure fluctuation.
E. Through the optimized design aiming to the heavy load working condition, the working device of the crawler excavator is fabricated with the local reinforcement and box-type strengthening methods for actualizing light weight, large strength and small deformation under heavy load condition.

4. Intelligent Operation and Display
A. The multifunctional LCD display device comes into service for monitoring the main components such as engine of the operating information for query at any time conveniently.
B. The functional switches are concentrated on the control board with the point contact buttons for easy option.
C. The hydraulic system adopts the hand pilot control to realize the control. It features high flexibility and quick action response. The power system works through the electronic control system controlling the power output range directly in line with the choice of the user, attaining light load for light work and heavy load for heavy work.
D. The electronic system of the crawler excavator can sense the load condition of the hydraulic system to make timely adjustment of the flow of the pump. Then, the engine runs with the optimum load speed to save the fuel.

5. Comfortable Operating Environment
A. The product is configured with a set of powerful air conditioner to adjust the interior temperature of the cab to create the comfortable environment for the driver.
B. The interior of the cab is spacious and bright. The driver can get good vision field.
C. The cab is also furnished with the adjustable deluxe suspension seat. With the assistance of the large size monitor and operating configuration within reach, the driver may feel easy and comfortable when driving.

6. Reassuring Remote Monitoring and Operating System
A. The product is set with several power modes (H, S and L) for option. The design for each mode matches with the engine, pump and systematic pressure well enough. The power mode can be chosen through fine turning. Choosing appropriate power mode according to the working condition can control the power more precisely and save fuel.
B. The crawler excavator also has the automatic switching function for idling and normal speed. If there is no any operational action within three seconds, the engine would turn into the idling state for fuel saving and environment protection. If the product needs to operate again, the engine would go back to the original speed automatically. The driver can also click the Cancel key to cancel the function to keep the engine at the full-speed operation state always.
C. With the remote monitoring function available, the related personnel such as the manufacturer, agency and user in different places can also understand the real-time working state of the machine.
D. The use can share the working state of the product with the agency and manufacturer through trouble alarm and remote diagnosis, facilitating quick problem solving to shorten the downtime as much as possible.
E. The crawler excavator is provided with the automatic maintenance reminding function. The user can conduct the maintenance work as planned, thus maintaining the use value of the machine to the utmost extent.

7. Convenient Maintenance
A. The parts and components needing frequent maintenance and checking are placed at the positions within reach through layout optimization.
B. The components having the similar functions are put together, enabling more convenient maintaining, repairing and overhauling.
C. We also establish the sound after-sale service accessories network.

Item Parameter Unit
Operating Weight 13700 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.52-0.6
Engine Model Cummins 4BTAA3.9  
Rated Power at 2200rmp 86/2200 kW/rpm
Max. Torque 447/1500 Nm/rpm
Displacement 3.9 L
Performance Parameter Traveling Speed (Low/High) 3.3/5.6 km/h
Slewing Speed 13.8 rpm
Standard Ground Pressure 41.5 Kpa
Max. Excavating Force of Bucket 76.7 KN
Max. Excavating Force of Dipper Arm 66.3 KN
Dimensions A. Overall Length 7806 mm
B. Total Width 2490 mm
C. Boom Arm Top Height 2635 mm
D. Width of Turntable 2470 mm
E. Height of Cab Top 2812 mm
F. Ground Clearance of Balance Weight 885 mm
G. Balance Weight Top Height 1740 mm
H. Min. Ground Clearance 430 mm
I. Tail End Slewing Radius 2345 mm
J. Wheel Base 3000 mm
K. Track Length 3742 mm
M. Track Gauge 1990 mm
N. Standard Track Width 500 mm
Working Range A. Max. Excavating Radius 8455 mm
B. Max Excavating Depth 5785 mm
C. Max. Excavating Height 8385 mm
D. Max. Dumping Height 5585 mm
E. Max. Ground Excavating Reach 8320 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 266 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 225 L
Coolant Capacity 32 L
Engine Lubricating Oil Capacity 16.5 L
Note: In pace with the technical progress, we would change the structure and parameters of the crawler excavator without prior notice. The actual product shall prevail in case the actual product is different from the abovementioned product in some way.

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