1. JGM768 High-end Bucket LoaderThe transmission gearbox has the safety protective functions to guarantee the operational security and reliability of the transmission gearbox. The product cannot be started up if it engages the gear. When the brake pressure is under the set pressure, the product cannot achieve shift. The other function such as braking system power cutting
    1. JGM767 Efficient Bucket LoaderThe pilot operation of the whole functional hydraulic system makes the operator feel convenient, flexible and efficient to operate.
      The integral cutting plate and bucket tooth processed with quenching of the product are more wear resistant to serve for a longer time.

6 Ton Wheel Loader

Selectable Unit
1. High Dumping Bucket, Side Dumping Bucket, Extra Large Coal Bucket and Rock Bucket
2. Cooling or the Heating and Cooling Air Conditioner
3. Automatic Weighing Device
4. Automatic Centralized Lubrication
5. High-level Driver's Seat (including armrest, headrest and safety belt)

Standard Facility
1. Weichai Landking Generation-II Engine
2.Air-over-oil Caliper Disc Service Brake System and Pneumatically Controlled Clamp Type Parking Brake System
3. Single Turbine 3-element Hydraulic Torque Converter
4. Standard Tyre with the Specification of 26.5-25-28PR
5. Shaft-fixed Power Shift Transmission Gearbox
6. 60 Meritor Drive Axle
7. Standard Boom Arm and Standard Bucket

Item Parameter Unit
Operating Weight 19700 kg
Rated Load 6000 kg
Bucket Capacity 3.5
Dumping Height 3215 mm
Dumping Reach 1165 mm
Max. Traction Force ≥185 KN
Max. Breakout Force ≥200 KN
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 8490×3100×3560 mm
Boom Lifting Time ≤6.4 s
Total Cycling Time ≤12s s
Wheel Base 3470 mm
Min. Turning Radius (Outer Edge of Bucket) 7635 mm
Rated Power 175 kW
Traveling Speed Forward Gear I / II / III / IV 7.2/14/27/41 km/h
Reverse Gear I / II / III 7.2/14/27 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity 230 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 270 L
Specification of High Dumping Product
No. Item Standard Bucket Coal Bucket Extra Large Bucket Unit
1 Bucket Capacity 3.5 4.5 5.5 m3
2 Rated Load 6000 6000 6000 kg
3 Operating Weight 20420 20640 20740 kg
4 Dumping Height 3565 3485 3450 mm
5 Dumping Reach 1450 1575 1610 mm
6 Overall Length 9040 8940 9000 mm
7 Min. Turning Radius (Outer Edge of Bucket) 7900 7850 7880 mm
Note: There is no prior notice for the change of the structure and parameters of the wheel loader owing to the technical progress. In the case of difference between the actual product and the above product, the actual product shall govern.

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