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3.5 Ton Wheel Loader

Performance Features
1. The JGM738 3.5 ton wheel loader has large breakout force owing to the optimization design via the computer for the working device of single rocker arm Z-form reversal mechanism.
2. Its working device can move to the flat state automatically with short action cycling time and high working efficiency.
3. The dual pump confluence hydraulic technology shows high efficiency, energy saving and good dynamic property.
4. The full hydraulic coaxial flow amplifying steering system of the 3.5 ton wheel loader can achieve handy and flexible steering with reliable operation.
5. Due to the adoption of ultra long wheel base, frame with hinge connection in the middle and box-type structure, the whole product has good working stability and strong frame bearing capacity.
6. The top-rank free maintenance accumulator from Johnson Controls also contributes to the reliable and stable operation of the product.
7. The bucket is the integral quenched cutting plate strengthened type. It has unrivaled strength and durability to prolong the service lifetime of the bucket exponentially.

Selectable Unit
1. Coal Bucket, Rock Bucket
2. Cooling and Heating Air Conditioner
3. Pilot Control
4. High-level Cab
5. Meritor Drive Axle

Standard Facility
1. Weichai Deutz Engine
2. Air-over-oil Caliper Disc Service Brake System and Flexible Shaft Manipulating Clamp Type Parking Brake system
3. Single-stage 4-element Twin Turbine Torque Converter
4. Standard Tyre with the Specification of 17.5-25-12PR
5. 50 Planetary Type Hydraulic Shift Transmission Gearbox
6. 30 Drive Axle
7. Standard Boom Arm and Standard Bucket

Item Parameter Unit
Operating Weight 11500 kg
Rated Load 3500 kg
Bucket Capacity 2 m3
Dumping Height 3125 mm
Dumping Reach 1155 mm
Max. Traction Force ≥100 KN
Max. Breakout Force ≥90 KN
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 7640×2460×3200 mm
Boom Lifting Time ≤6.0 s
Total Cycling Time ≤11 s
Wheel Base 2870 mm
Min. Turning Radius (Outer Edge of Bucket) 6415 mm
Rated Power 105 kW
Traveling Speed Forward Gear I 0-11 km/h
Forward Gear II 0-38 km/h
Reverse Gear I 0-16 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity 180 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 200 L

Note: The structure and parameters of the wheel loader are subject to change without prior notice due to the technical progress. If the sample product is different from the actual product in some way, the actual product shall prevail.

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