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Wheel Telehandler /Telescopic Loader

Particularly offered for multiple complex working conditions, the JGM771FT32HB wheel telehandler is driven by four wheels. The large distance between the chassis and the ground achieves good trafficability. In addition, the combination of the engine, gearbox, and torque converter makes for big traction force and strong gradeability. Luckily, our all terrain telehandler has the following features.

1. High strength
A. The ultra-long wheel base and the steel plate frame ensure stable operation of the product.
B. It adopts dual rocker Z shape linking mechanism and optimized working device.
C. Apart from big lifting force, the optimal loading capacity makes for high working efficiency.

2 Long lifespan
The fork tooth of the wheel telehandler has good abrasion resistance. So, users can enjoy the longer service life of the product.

3. Convenient Maintenance
This range of agricultural telehandler is installed with power shift planetary transmission. In addition, the high universality components realize economical and easy maintenance.

4. Good efficiency
A. Our product helps users reduce labor intensity and labor cost. The material can be handled conveniently and safely
B. For the lifting height less than 300mm, the maximum lifting capacity is up to 38 tons. The rated loading capacity is 32 tons with the lifting height no more than 1600mm.
C. With the maximum lifting height of 3500mm, the material stockpiling becomes easier with this wheel telehandler, compared with traditional hoist.
D. The dual pump confluence and the steering priority hydraulic system makes for high working efficiency and low fuel consumption.

5. Comfortable driving experience
Constructed with dual rocker reversing six-bar link mechanism, this telescopic forklift offers wide vision angle for the drivers. The luxury interior decoration and the flexible bi-direction absorber ensure high comfortability during driving.

6. High reliability
A. The pilot control ensures flexible and convenient operation of the product.
B. Safe and reliable, the dual pipe hydraulic travelling and the emergency braking system have large brake torque.
C. Installed with Weichai Landking Generation II engine, the wheel telehandler features strong power and big torque reserve.
D. It utilizes specially designed drive axle for higher reliability.
E. The heavy load radial tyre is conductive to good adaptation to poor working conditions. The tyre specifications are 26.5R25/IND/★★★ and 26.5R25/IND★★ for front and back wheel, respectively.
F. The car backing alarming system ensures high operation safety of the wheel telehandler.

No. Item Unit Parameters
1 Length (With fork placed on ground flatwise) mm 9290
2 Width mm 3050
3 Height mm 3590
4 Load Centre Distance mm 900
5 Curb weight kg 32360
6 Max. Lifting Capacity (Lifting height≤300 mm) kg 36000
7 Rated Load (With max. front overhang) kg 32000
8 Max. Lifting Height of Fork Tooth mm 3500
9 Max. Lifting Height of Fork Carrier mm 4750
10 Max. Front Overhang mm 1820
11 Max. Lifting Speed (No load/Full load) mm/s 350/310
12 Max. Descent Speed (No load/Full load) mm/s 397/600
13 Max. Fork Elevation Angle (Forward/Backward) ° 25/29
14 Standard Fork Size (L×W×T) mm 1500×220×130
15 Fork Adjustment Range mm 0
16 Steering Angle (Left/Right) ° 33/33
17 Turning Diameter mm 17000
18 Passing Diameter (trail) mm 17200
19 Min. Ground Clearance mm 480
20 Wheel Base mm 4200
21 Wheel Tread (F/R) mm 2380
22 Front Overhang (With fork placed on ground flatwise) mm 1310
23 Rear Overhang mm 2190
24 Max. Gradeability (Full load) ° 20
25 Departure Angle ° 20
26 Max. Traction Force kN 220
27 Travel Speed Forward Gear I/II km/h 10.8/30.4
Reverse Gear I 12
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