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Wheel Telehandler /Telescopic Loader

Outstanding trafficability
The JGM751FT18L wheel telehandler is driven by four wheels. It has powerful traction force. The large ground clearance makes the product suitable for various complex working conditions. By virtue of the large departure angle for the balance weight, the telescopic handler is capable of climbing the slope easily.

High strength
1. This range of product is equipped with ultra-long wheel base and strengthened front frame and working device. So, it has powerful loading capacity.
2. The optimized design of the working device makes for big lifting capacity.
3. The key structural parts are designed by using finite element analysis method to achieve optimal stability.
4. It comes with drive axle specially offered for wheel telehandler, resulting in high reliability and strong loading capacity.

Long lifespan
For outstanding tightness and abrasion resistance, the telescope forklift adopts dustproof structure for the key link joints. The abrasion resistant fork tooth is durable with long service life.

Convenience maintenance
The wire harness for electric appliance adopts optimized design. The compact arrangement of the relay, as well as the big opening degree of the engine cover, ensures convenient maintenance of the product.

High working efficiency
1. The wheel telehandler uses WD10G220E23 low speed diesel engine from Weichai. In addition, the self-developed gearbox and the drive axle, which are equipped with reasonably designed power system, reduce the fuel consumption. Compared with regular product with diesel engine, it saves 10% fuel for users.
2. The special device for the fuel effectively solves the problem of engine starting difficulty in low temperature.
3. Aside from the ultra-long wheel base up to 3550mm, the strong frame for the wheel telehandler enables stable operation of the product, and achieves maximum lifting capacity up to 3450mm. Compared with the crane, the material loading and transportation is greatly simplified.
4. With the employment of modern technology, this industrial forklift completes material prying and shoving easily, which contributes to reducing the labor intensity.

Comfortable driving experience
1. This product is constructed with dual rocker arm reversal six-bar linkage. So, it provides wide vision angle for the driver.
2. To reduce the vibration and noise during operation, the heavy duty forklift adopts frame suspension system as the engine support, which greatly improves the driving comfort.

Optimal reliability
1. The newly developed hydraulic steel pipe and the rubber tube are used for good reliability.
2. The turbine gearbox, which is composed of four elements, has excellent adaptation to heavy load.
3. Safe and reliable, the dual pipeline caliper disc brake system employs domestically well-known braking element.
4. For high adaptation to poor working conditions, the 23.5-25 32PR and 23.5-25 24PR tires are used for the front and back wheel, respectively.
5. The car backing alarming system boosts the safety of the wheel telehandler.

No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Length (With fork placed on ground flatwise) mm 8245
2 Width mm 2880
3 Height mm 3390
4 Load Centre Distance mm 600
5 Curb Weight kg 21880
6 Max. Lifting Capacity (Lifting height≤300 mm) kg 21000
7 Rated Load (With max. front overhang) kg 18000
8 Max. Lifting Height of Fork Tooth mm 3450
9 Max. Lifting Height of Fork Carrier mm 4575
10 Max. Front Overhang mm 1790
11 Max. Lifting Speed (No load/Full load) mm/s 6.9/7.4
12 Max. Fork Elevation Angle (Forward/Backward) ° 40/36
13 Standard Fork Size (L×W×D) mm 1500×180×120
14 Fork Adjustment Range mm 470-1017
15 Steering Angle (Left/Right) ° 35/35
16 Turning Diameter mm 14530
17 Passing radius (trail) mm 14080
18 Min. Ground Clearance mm 560
19 Wheel Base mm 3550
20 Wheel Tread (F/R) mm 2290
21 Front Overhang (With fork placed on ground flatwise) mm 1163
22 Rear Overhang mm 2030
23 Max. Gradeability (full load) ° 24
24 Departure Angle ° 24
25 Max. Traction Force kN 170
26 Travel Speed Forward Gear I/II km/h 12/36
Reverse Gear I 16
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