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JGM909L Wheeled Excavator

Performance Features
1. Wide working range
The lower hinge connection point of boom protracts forward. This design provides the wheeled excavator with wide working range. The boom with a length of 3.7 meters offers maximized lifting height and digging radius.

2. Travel mechanism
The digger employs our patented travel mechanism which combines a torque converter and a transmission gearbox supporting electro-hydraulic gear shifting.
2.1 As compared with Chinese counterparts employing motor driven traveling mechanism, our range of wheeled excavators has higher reliability and lower cost.
2.2 The torque converter has limitation function on input torque. Hence, our excavators, unlike counterparts with mechanical transmission, will not convert all the engine power into the power for traveling. This means that the power provided to travel mechanism can be reduced to lower the impact to the transmission gearbox. Thus, the gearbox offers greatly improved reliability
2.3 The output torque amplification function of torque converter provides our wheel excavator with largely improved traction force, and thus the gradeability of the construction equipment is guaranteed.

3. Hydraulic and drive parts
3.1 Our wheeled excavator is fitted with optimized hydraulic parts to offer reliable performance and reduced maintenance cost.
3.2 The YC4D85Z-T20 engine is acquired from Chinese famous brand, YUCHAI.
3.3 The hub reduction axle, manufactured by an experienced Chinese vehicle axle manufacturer, is employed as the drive axle.

4. High stability
The outrigger assembly at the front lower body and the dozer blade at the rear body provide the wheeled excavator with high stability. Thus, the steering stability of the entire heavy equipment is enhanced, and the operation efficiency is correspondingly improved.

5. Pump sharing design
The pilot control system and steering system share the pump system, which reduces power loss. Therefore, the wheeled excavator is energy efficient and requires low operation cost.

6. Valve system
All the multi-way valves are designed to allow flow converging outside the valve, and thus the flow is large and the operation speed is fast.

7. Gear shifting
An electronic gear shifting system is utilized to deliver simple gear shifting and improve the operation comfortability.

8. The hydraulic brake system for the wheeled excavator is convenient for maintenance.

9. Large diameter tires ensure high ground clearance.

10. Strengthened working device provides enhanced reliability, and also makes the digging machine applicable for working under harsh environments.

Technical Specifications of the Wheeled Excavator
Max. Digging Height 7234 mm
Max. Dumping Height 5050 mm
Max. Digging Depth 3944 mm
Max. Digging Radius 6933mm
Max. Digging Radius at Ground Level 6667mm
Max. Bulldozing Height 440 mm
Max. Bulldozing Depth 200 mm
Max. Digging Force 55 kN
Max. Traction Force 44kN: when engine displacement is 80ml;
60kN: when engine displacement is 107ml
Gradeability 50%
Slewing Speed 10r/min
Traveling Speed 0~30 km/h
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