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8 Ton Wheel Loader

The JGM787 is one of our newest versions of wheel loader which comes with rated capacity of 8 ton, operating weight up to 29 ton, rated power of 247KW and bucket capacity of 5.0m³. Due to high working efficiency, flexible operation, and large lifting capacity, the heavy machine is often found in mining fields, wharfs, quarries, etc.

Configuration Features of the Wheel Loader
1. Dual rocker arms and long wheelbase
2. Dead axle type transmission gearbox supporting electro-hydraulic gear shifting
3. Pilot operated, mono-lever control
4. Hydraulic braking system

Design and Performance Features
1. The 8 ton wheel loader has high traction force and great gradeability, because of its adoption of the top grade engine and the dead axle type transmission box supporting electro-hydraulic gear shifting.

2. The bucket loader offers safe and reliable braking, due to the patented hydraulic, dual-pipeline service brake and parking brake systems as well as imported MICO braking elements.

3. The hydraulic steering system with load sensing function, coupled with pilot control system, makes sure the heavy duty wheel loader has reliable performance and is flexible and simple in operation.

4. The construction equipment has large lifting capacity and high operation efficiency, thanks to the dual rocker arms, reversible six-bar linkage mechanism, and the vertical boom cylinder.

5. The box-type framework adopts heavy duty tapered roller bearings for hinge joint. This allows for connection of large-span frames, and also ensures strong connection strength and bearing capacity.

6. More comfortable and safer operator's compartment. The FOPS (Roll Over Protection System) and ROPS (Falling Objects Protection System), four-point elastic suspension system, coupled with the vibration absorption system utilizing silicone damper oil, provides the wheel loader operator with maximized comfortableness and safety.

7. Fitted with our patented intelligent control system, the wheel loader is able to realize real time monitoring of operation status, GPS positioning, as well as remote monitoring and failure diagnosis.

Technical Specifications of the 8T Wheel Loader
Operating Weight 29000kg
Rated Load 8000kg
Bucket Capacity 5m³
Dumping Height (when the bucket reaches the maximum height at 45° tilting angle) 3580mm
Dumping Reach (when the bucket reaches the maximum height at 45° tilting angle) 1688mm
Max. Traction Force ≥279KN
Max. Breakout Force ≥270KN
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (including the FOPS) 9822×3561×4107mm
Boom Lifting Time ≤6.9s
Total Cycling Time ≤12.5s
Wheel Base 3530 mm
Min. Turning Radius (to the outer edge of bucket) 8193mm
Rated Power 247KW
Traveling Speed Forward Gear I 0~7.2(km/h)
Forward Gear II 0~11(km/h)
Forward Gear III 0~25(km/h)
Forward Gear IV 0~37(km/h)
Reverse Gear I 0~7.2(km/h)
Reverse Gear II 0~11(km/h)
Reverse Gear III 0~25(km/h)
Fuel Tank Capacity 322L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 280L
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