Repair and Maintenance
Malfunction Analysis Method for Wheel Loader When the wheel loader comes out with malfunction or abnormal condition, the machine should be shut down first. Then, the operator analyzes the malfunction in line with the fault features and makes a conclusion about the malfunction preliminarily.
Reason of Fault of Wheel Loader The wheel loader is often applied in the harsh environment involving construction site, port, wharf, station, freight yard, etc. for loading or short-distance transporting loose earth, sandy clay, sandstone, coal, trash and so on. For the machine always works under complex conditions and bad environment, plus the factors such as design
Maintenance Instruction for Wheel Loader in Winter During the maintenance process in winter, there always comes out with the problems such as antifreeze entering into the lubricating oil, water leakage of radiator, etc. In addition, changing the diesel oil and lubricating oil is the indispensable link before the severe winter comes. So, it is necessary to make fully preparation for the winter maintenance.
Three Common Faults of Drive Axle of Wheel Loader The drive axle is the major part of the wheel loader. It is responsible for outputting power. As a result of the large output torque and complex structure of the wheel loader, repair failing to implement the repair specification strictly or operation disobeying the rules can lead to fault easily. Now, we summarize the reason, phenomenon and processing methods for three common faults of drive axle.