JGM767 Wheel Loader Passing the New Product Appraisal

On June 1st, 2012, the specialist group from Technology Progress Department and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Department of Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission conducted the new product new technology appraisal for our JGM767 wheel loader.

Meanwhile, the experts and customer representatives from Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Research Institute, Fujian Special Equipment Inspection Institute, University of Fuzhou, Xiamen XGMA Heavy Industry, Strong Construction Machinery and Fujian Fuda Machinery participated in the appraisal meeting together. The specialist group as well as the experts and representatives agreed that the JGM767 wheel loader had reached the domestic leading level in comprehensive technology.

The 6 ton JGM767 wheel loader is developed by us independently through using the advanced technology both at home and abroad. It is suitable for loading, stacking, digging, shoveling or short-distance transporting the loose materials such as gravel, loose earth, coal and trash as well as for traction and leveling the land in the occasions like construction site, port, wharf, station, freight yard, mine, etc. After changing the working device, the product can also be used for grasping grass, timber, pipe, as well as for side dumping, drilling hole, cracking, etc.

At present, the 5 ton wheel loader occupies large market share in the domestic main mines and construction sites. Along with the developing of the main supporting parts technology, the wheel loader with the tonnage of 6t and above has a broad market prospects and large market demands. The successful development of the 6t product expands the wheel loader product line and improves the competitiveness of the enterprise. It plays the positive and active role in promoting the technological progress of wheel loader, elevating the equipment level and driving the development of the wheel loader supporting parts industry.