Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Project of 10,000 Sets of Wheel Loader and 3000 Sets of Excavator Annually

The groundbreaking ceremony for the project of 10,000 sets of wheel loader and 3000 sets of excavator annually was held at Fujian equipment manufacturing base park on April 17th.

The main leaders and honored guests in the ceremony were Mr. Chen Wenzhao, the Chairman of Fujian Machinery Industry Federation, Mr. Zhou Bogong, the Jinjiang CPPCC Chairman, Mr. Hong Xuemou, the Minister of United Front Work Department of Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Luo Yun, the Deputy Director of Jinjiang Municipal People's Congress, Mr. Chen Jinyong, the Vice Mayor of Jinjiang City, Mr. Chen Yunteng, the Deputy Secretary of Jinjiang Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, Mr. Xu Tianxiang, the Party Secretary of Anhai Town, Mr. Zhang Wenjie, the Town Governor of Anhai Town, the President Mr. Ke Zijiang and General Manager Mr. Ke Jinding of Fujian Jingong Machinery, etc. Mr Luo Yun officiated at the ceremony and made a speech.

The groundbreaking ceremony marks the new development stage of Jingong Machinery. By taking the new plant construction as an opportunity, we continuously improve our production scale and level, elevate the competitiveness in the market, boost the development aftereffect, as well as further strengthen the technological input and project construction. We aim to produce sophisticated and high-tech product as well as improve the scale benefits, making contributions to the rapid and healthy social and economic development.