Our Pursuit of Customers’ Satisfaction

On the afternoon of July 17th, 2012, our investigation team in charge of Northern Line arrived at Ninghai. They happened to get caught in the rain. Led by the General Manager Zhang Haidan of Ningbo Jingong Machinery, the reporter from China Construction Machinery Trade Network (http://www.21-sun.com/) followed our investigation team to get to the Ningbo Xiangshan Building Materials Company after the tramp over hill and dale.

The Xiangshan Building Materials Company has the largest quarry yard in Ninghai of Ningbo City. During the busy period, the sand transport heavy trucks appear in the mountain road often. When we arrived, the rain stopped. In the middle of the working field, one JGM757-II reinforced front loader was loading the materials flexibly. After a few rounds, the heavy truck was filled with sand. Not far from the hillside, there was a JGM924 crawler excavator working busily. Under the action of quartering hammer, the huge rocks fell off from the hill and then were crushed into small parts.

The three Jingong wheel loaders in the field attracted the attention of the reporter. As far as we knew, Shi Yuebo, the boss of the Xiangshan Building Materials Company, had been cooperative with Jingong Machinery for 5 years. He was a loyal user of Jingong Machinery and totally bought six sets of Jingong wheel loader with different models. For the satisfying machine performance and service, Shi Yuebo bought another Jingong excavator in 2011 which had been put for use.

In the two-floor simple office building on one side of the working site, the nine people of the investigation team listened to boss Shi carefully about his advice on Jingong product. On one hand, boss Shi praised the three wheel loaders in the field highly and was very satisfied with the thoughtful and timely service. On the other hand, he proposed a lot of opinions on the excavator and pointed out that the excavator needed some improvement compared with the foreign counterpart, which made the investigation team including our quality control and product research personnel realize the difficult task in the following work.

Out of the office, the investigation team walked across the muddy road and climbed onto the hillside to check the excavator and communicate with the driver deeply. Aiming at the service condition, our engineer told the driver about the matters needing attention. After that, the investigation team also took a careful check for the three wheel loaders in the working field.

This was the first station of our investigation team in Zhejiang. This trip made our investigation team know more specific problems about our products by combining the practical use and feel a long way to go in the further product development and improvement.