ISO9001 Certification Quality Management System Certification

Certificates of Patent
(Utility Model) Single Rocker Arm
Wheel Loader Side Dump Bucket
(Utility Model) Improved Rear Frame Beam of
Wheel Loader
(Utility Model) The Connection Structure of Vertical Beam and Cross Beam at the Articulated Position of Rear Frame
of Wheel Loader
(Utility Model) Front and Rear Walking Transmission System
of Engineering Vehicles of Wheel Loader
or Forklift Truck
(Utility Model) Oil Returning Cooling Mechanism of Dual Pump Confluence Hydraulic System of Wheel Loader (Utility Model) Quick Changing Device
for Wheel Loader
(Utility Model) Invention Patent of Lifting Device of Wheel Telehandler (Utility Model) Invention Patent of Tilting Backwards Device of Fork of Wheel Telehandler