The 7th China-ASEAN Expo

The 7th China-ASEAN Expo was held in Nanning of Guangxi Province on October 20th, 2010. It lasted for five days and ended on 25th. This expo attracted more exhibitors and professional visitors than the previous one. It obtained strong support from China and ASEAN government. CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin, the national leaders of Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, as well as officials at all levels, leaders of Chamber of Commerce and well-known entrepreneurs attended the expo.

Unlike the general commercial exhibition, China-ASEAN Expo has great political, diplomatic and economic significance. It carries the multiple missions by serving friendly relations, free trade area and cooperation in many fields of China-ASEAN. Led by government and supported by all sectors of society with the participation of foreign and domestic enterprises, the expo promotes the communication of China and ASEAN as a whole with the outside region, forming the unique distinctive features.

At the expo, the booth area of Jingong Machinery came up to 310 square meters. The exhibits of wheel loader and excavator attracted the attention and interest of numerous traders from ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Burma, etc. In the morning of the first show day, Ye Shuangyu, the Vice Governor of Fujian Province, led the Fujian economic and trade delegation to visit Jingong Machinery and other enterprises.

The Vice Governor Ye was deeply concerned about the development of Jingong Machinery, highly commended our practice by participating the expo actively and opening up markets at home and abroad, as well as encouraged us to bring the struggling spirit of Jinjiang people into full play and avail ourselves of the geographical advantage of a large number of overseas Chinese to promote enterprise development. At last, he said the government would give maximum support to help the enterprises cope with the developing difficult to make the local enterprises stronger and stronger.

The participation of the expo boosted our visibility among ASEAN countries, facilitating further expand our market in Southeast Asia to make more our products receive global exposure.