Jingong Machinery in the 3th Xiamen International Construction Machinery Exhibition

The four-day 3th Xiamen International Construction Machinery Exhibition was held on April 8th in 2011. Jingong Machinery participated in the exhibition with the new product and larger booth. This was the first time for Jingong Machinery to attend the domestic large scale professional exhibition after the launch of JGM913 excavator and JGM767 wheel loader in bauma China 2010.

The 3th Xiamen International Construction Machinery Exhibition covered an area of 28000 square meters. Apart from the Jingong Machinery, many other leading enterprises in the industry such as Xiamen XGMA Heavy Industry and Lonking Holdings also participated in the exhibition. The exhibition area for those leading enterprises accounted for more than 50% of the total exhibition area.

For getting more actual effect, the organizing committee invited many related units at home and abroad especially the foreign contracted project construction unit, construction machinery leasing company and the senior buyers in Southeast Asia and Chinese Taiwan. During the exhibition, the multi-level professional buyers attained up to almost 3000 involving engineering construction user, whole machine distributor as well as component and part agency. According to statistics, nearly 600 purchasers from Chinese Taiwan and Southeast Asia region came to the exhibition.