1. JGM906 Crawler ExcavatorThe working devices of the product such as boom arm, dipper arm and bucket are strengthened to keep large excavating force under bad working conditions.
      The product has large bulldozing force and good grade ability as well.
      The imported hydraulic elements and high-level hydraulic pipeline ...
    1. JGM909L Wheeled ExcavatorThe lower hinge connection point of boom protracts forward. This design provides the wheeled excavator with wide working range. The boom with a length of 3.7 meters offers maximized lifting height and digging radius.
    1. JGM915-LC Crawler ExcavatorThe product is matched with the original imported Cummins engine marked by strong power, stable performance, low fuel consumption, high working efficiency, environment protection and low noise.
      Its cooling system has high working effect.
      The electronic control system can sense the load situation of the hydraulic system...
    1. JGM923-LC Crawler ExcavatorThe lower frame of the product is lengthened. In contrast with the counterparts in the market, the design of nine support wheels at single side makes the lower frame much firmer and more stable, making the product adapt to the extreme site with the further increased anti-overturning property.
      The working device of the product is optimized in view of heavy load working condition.
    1. JGM924 Crawler ExcavatorThere is a button for controlling the automatic idling and full speed switching function. When the function is enabled, the engine speed would automatically down to the idling if there is no any operational motion within three seconds. The engine staying at idling can also turn to the full speed state automatically when there is the need for operational motion.
    1. JGM924KY Crawler ExcavatorThe crawler excavator is equipped with imported Cummins engine which is efficient, environmental friendly, and offers low noise, strong power, stable performance.An electronic control system is available to detect the load condition of hydraulic system, which allows for timely adjustment of pump flow.
    1. JGM9075L Wheeled ExcavatorThe wheeled excavator is powered by a four-cylinder, four-stroke, turbocharged engine. An innovative engine cooling system design ensures uniform temperature distribution, allowing the wheeled excavator to work as usual under high temperature conditions.
    1. JGM9085L Wheeled Excavator (With Grapple)This range of wheeled excavator is equipped with a log grapple to support logging applications. It is powered by an especially designed A498BZG supercharged, large power engine, which helps save fuel by 1L/h.

Crawler Excavator

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