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Crawler Excavator

With the accumulation of more than 30 years' experience in engineering machinery manufacturing, we absorb the advantages of other similar products in the industry to develop the JGM series of crawler excavator independently. Our product is more suitable for various complex working conditions and customers' demands.

Performance Features
1. High Performance Price Ratio
A. The key hydraulic components that the JGM906 product adopts are the same as those of high-end foreign product.
B. The product has high performance price ratio with the high strength structural parts, technologically rational structure layout, comfortable operating environment and excellent user-friendly design.

2. Strong and Fuel Economical Power System
A. It is equipped with the original environment protective Yanmar 4TNV94L-SFN engine which has strong power, stable performance, high efficiency, low noise and high fuel efficiency.
B. The cooling system of the crawler excavator works with remarkable effect.
C. The fuel is filtered through multiple stages to enhance the operational reliability of the engine under poor working conditions, making the product have high adaptability in a wide range.

3. Stable Quality, Fast Working Speed and Flexible Operation
A. The product adopts the original imported international famous main pump. It has small power loss and high working efficiency.
B. The original imported valve is optimized for the complex movement to achieve high precision of movement and long service lifetime.
C. The product is also configured with the original imported rotary motor, travel motor and speed reducer. It can realize the functions of starting buffer, hydraulic brake without abrasion and automatic parking braking.

4. Convenient and Easy Maintenance
A. The full open type machine cover enables convenient repair for the crawler excavator. By saving the repairing time, the working efficiency can be enhanced.
B. Through the layout optimization, the frequently maintained and checked parts are arranged in the accessible positions.
C. The components with similar functions are placed together for bringing convenience for the maintenance and overhauling work.

5. High Durability and Reliability
A. The working devices of the product such as boom arm, dipper arm and bucket are strengthened to keep large excavating force under bad working conditions.
B. The product has large bulldozing force and good grade ability as well.
C. The imported hydraulic elements and high-level hydraulic pipeline can guarantee high durability even under the action of hydraulic oil pressure fluctuation.

6. Intelligent Operation and User-friendly Design for Display
A. The crawler excavator is furnished with the multifunctional LCD display device which can monitor all the operating information of the components such as engine for convenient query at any time.
B. The functional switches are concentrated on the control board with point-contact buttons which can be operated easily.
C. The hydraulic system of the product adopts the hand control pilot to control valve opening and closing. The product can work agilely and flexibly with fast action response.

7. Comfortable Operating Environment
A. The powerful air conditioner keeps the interior temperature of the cab at the comfortable level always.
B. The cab of the crawler excavator has large space, providing the driver with wide bright vision field.
C. The seat for the driver is the adjustable high-level suspension type. Together with the large size monitor and operation devices within reach, the cab makes the driver feel comfortable when driving.

Item Parameter Unit
Operating Weight 5900 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.18-0.25
Engine Model Yanmar 4TNV94L-SFN  
Rated power at 2200rmp 39.8/2200 kW/rpm
Max. Torque 214/1100 Nm/rpm
Displacement 3.05 L
Performance Parameter Travel Speed (Low/High) 2.5/4 km/h
Slewing Speed 9.8 rpm
Standard Ground Pressure 34.5 KPa
Max. Excavating Force of Bucket 42.5 KN
Max. Excavating Force of Dipper Arm 28.5 KN
Dimensions A. Overall Length 5819 mm
B. Total Width 1900 mm
C. Height of Cab Top 2614 mm
D. Ground Clearance of Balance Weight 727 mm
E. Min. Ground Clearance 326 mm
F. Tail End Slewing Radius 1700 mm
G. Wheel Base 1985 mm
H. Track Length 2540 mm
I. Track Gauge 1500 mm
J. Width of Bulldozing Plate 1900 mm
K. Standard Track Width 400 mm
Working Range A. Max. Excavating Radius 6270 mm
B. Max. Excavating Depth 3235 mm
C. Max. Excavating Height 5475 mm
D. Max. Dumping Height 3700 mm
E. Max. Ground Excavating Reach 6130 mm
F. Min. Slewing Radius 2740 mm
G. Max. Bulldozing Height 315 mm
H. Max. Bulldozing Depth 500 mm
E. Grade Ability 35(70%) °
Fuel Tank Capacity 130 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 130 L
Coolant Capacity 17 L
Engine Lubricating Oil Capacity 10.5 L
Note: We would make some changes for the crawler excavator in structure and parameters without prior notice. The actual product shall prevail if there is the situation of difference between the actual product and the abovementioned product.

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