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1.6 Ton Wheel Loader

Performance Features
1. The JGM816 1.6 ton wheel loader is powered by the Weichai engine which has the features containing low noise, low fuel consumption, stable and reliable working, as well as long service lifetime.
2. The configuration of single phase single stage 3-element torque converter supporting the shaft-fixed transmission gearbox is a rational match for the engine, leading to large traction force.
3. The optimized working device of single rocker arm reversal mechanism can enable large breakout force.
4. The frame and the boom arm have high strength and durability.
5. The working device of the 1.6 ton wheel loader can move to the flat state automatically with short action cycling time and high working efficiency.
6. Designed with small turning radius, the product can operate more flexibly with more stable performance.
7. The cab configured to the product is noise insulative and manufactured with shock absorption professionally.

Selectable Unit
1. Extra Large Bucket (1.2m³)
2. Lengthened Arm (2.7m)
3. Marble Supporting Fork
4. Grass Grasping Fork
5. Quick Change Device
6. Pilot Control for the Wheel Loader

Standard Facility
1. Weichai ZH4100K14-3 Engine
2. Shaft-fixed Power Shift Transmission Gearbox
3. Two Forward Gears and Two Reverse Gears
4. Circular Arc Bevel Gear Single-stage Deceleration Main Drive

No. Item Parameter Unit
1 Operating Weight 4870 kg
2 Rated Load 1600 kg
3 Bucket Capacity 0.9 m3
4 Dumping Height 2330 mm
5 Dumping Reach 800 mm
6 Max. Traction Force ≥34 KN
7 Max. Breakout Force ≥51 KN
8 Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 5182×1910×2712 mm
9 Boom Lifting Time 4.8±0.2 s
10 Total Cycling Time 9.2±0.5 s
11 Wheel Base 2150 mm
12 Min. Turning Radius (Outer Edge of Bucket) 4367 mm
13 Rated Power 45 kW
14 Max. Traveling Speed 24 km/h
15 Fuel Tank Capacity 80 L

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