JGM791FT48 Telehandler / Telescopic Handler

The JGM791FT48 telehandler offers maximum loading capacity up to 55 ton when the lifting height is not higher than 500mm, and rated loading capacity up to 48 ton when the lifting height is not higher than 1800mm. The operating weight is as high as 52 ton, which makes the telescopic handler one of the most powerful 4 wheeled telehandler in Chinese market.

The telehandler is manufactured based on a dozen of patented technologies, and multiple technical indexes have reached international advanced level. Due to super high loading capacity, our telescopic handler is widely utilized in quarries, docks and seaports to serve as stone lifting equipment, port machinery, etc. for stone, container and pallet handling purposes.

Performance Advantages
1. Top grade supercharged intercooled engine with power of 375HP ensures high torque reserve and super high power.

2. The telehandler is designed with helical gears and a dead axle type transmission box supporting electro-hydraulic gear shifting. This provides high transmission efficiency and low operation noise. The design of four forward gears and three reverse gears, coupled with kickdown function, effectively improves operation efficiency.

3. The telescopic handler is fitted with our patented drive axle which comes with a built-in wet type brake. Thus, it offers high loading capacity, and a single axle supports maximum static load up to 110,000kg. Also, the braking torque is very high. An independent cooling system is available to guarantee the safety and reliability of the entire telehandler.

4. Imported braking elements, coupled with our patented hydraulic, dual-pipeline service brake and parking brake systems, makes sure the engineering vehicle has safe and reliable braking. This makes the telescopic handler safe while working under heavy duty conditions.

5. The innovative eight-bar linkage mechanism allows the working device to deliver stable lifting, and meanwhile, provides telehandler operators with wide viewing angle. The vertical type boom cylinder greatly improves lifting capacity. The telescopic boom in box-style structure and constructed using dual-layer metal plates, provides strong torsion resistance and further improves lifting capacity.

6. The front axle of the telescopic handler is equipped with 29.5R29 radial tires of three star load rating, and the maximum loading of a single tire is 51 ton. The rear axle is fitted with 29.5R29 radial tires of two star load rating, and the maximum loading of a single tire is 45 ton. These allows the telescopic material handler to cope with various complicated working conditions.

7. Due to super long wheel base, and steel structured framework, the telehandler offers advantages such as greater stability and improved structural strength. Additionally, it employs heavy duty cylindrical roller bearings for framework hinge joint, which allows for reliable connection of large-span frames and strong connection strength.

8. The pilot control system and the hydraulic steering system with flow amplifier makes the telehandler flexible and convenient in operation.

9. With patented intelligent control system, the telescopic handler supports functions such as operation status real-time monitoring, GPS positioning, as well as remote monitoring and failure diagnosis.

Technical Specifications of the Telehandler
Item Unit Index
Machine Length (with the fork laying on the ground) mm 10660
Machine Width mm 3650
Machine Height mm 4015
Load Centre Distance mm 900
Operating Weight KG 52000
Max. Loading Capacity (lifting height ≤ 500mm) KG 55000
Rated Loading Capacity (lifting capacity ≤ 1800mm) KG 48000
Max. Lifting Height mm 3500
Fork Dimension (L*W*H) mm 1800*280*155
Min. Ground Clearance mm ≥480
Min. Turning Radius mm 10038
Wheel Base mm 4655
Max. Traction Force KN ≥340
Rated Power KW 276
Fuel Tank Capacity L 322
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity L 280
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