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JGM924KY Crawler Excavator

Backed by our over three decades experience in engineering vehicle design and manufacturing, we have independently developed this line of crawler excavator. By combining the advantages of its counterparts, the crawling digger is a great solution for earth moving under various complicated working conditions.

High Price-Performance Ratio
1. Top grade hydraulic parts are employed for the crawler excavator.

2. High strength structural parts, rational configuration, advanced intelligent control system, great operation comfortability, and the user-friendly design together provide the construction equipment with greatly improved price-performance ratio.

Powerful and Energy Efficient Power System
1. The crawler excavator is equipped with imported Cummins engine which is efficient, environmental friendly, and offers low noise, strong power, stable performance.

2. Efficient engine cooling system

3. An electronic control system is available to detect the load condition of hydraulic system, which allows for timely adjustment of pump flow. This enables the engine to operate with optimized load conditions, so as to realize fuel saving.

4. Multistage filtering system for the fuel improves the engine performance under harsh conditions.

Stable, Fast and Flexible Operation
1. While adopting imported hydraulic parts, our crawler excavator also utilizes the pilot control system to ensure flexible operation.

2. A duplex pump, which supports constant power control, negative flow control, and crossed control over both multi-way valves, is adopted as the hydraulic pump.

3. The multi-way valve supports negative flow rate feedback and oil return in small flow from the middle-way, contributing to high energy efficiency. The valve assembly comes with highly integrated structure design, and offers functions such as slewing priority, keeping the crawler excavator traveling straight forward, and more. The service valve is available to allow for connection of various other types of hydraulic tools.

4. A rotary motor especially designed for 26 ton digging machines is adopted to offer super high output torque. This ensures smooth and fast starting and improves slewing efficiency. With a wear-free hydraulic buffer system, the crawler excavator is enabled to brake stably without any impact.

Easy Maintenance
Based on optimized configuration, the tracked excavator has its components parts with similar functions placed together. Thus, overhaul and repair becomes easy.

Enhanced Reliability and Durability
1. Strengthened boom, bucket rod, and bucket design allows the crawler excavator to work under harsh conditions while without compromising on the digging force and gradeability.

2. Imported hydraulic parts and top grade hydraulic pipeline offer enhanced durability, even when the pressure of hydraulic oil fluctuates.

3. Lengthened lower body, coupled with the nine supporting wheels for each side, makes the lower body stable and also allows the crawler excavator to work under extreme conditions without the danger of overturn.

4. All working devices are optimized according to heavy duty requirements, and are partially strengthened to realize light weight, high strength and low deformation even under heavy duty conditions.

Intelligent Control and User Friendly Operation
1. The construction equipment has a multifunctional LCD display to show the operation status of engine and other key components, thus allowing for convenient checking.

2. All function control switches are integrated on the control panel, and the touch button design makes function control easy.

3. The hydraulic system of the crawler excavator utilizes a manual pilot control system to control the valve opening and closing, which ensures agile and fast control.

4. Via an electronic control system, crawler operators are allowed to select and control the output power range of the power system. This enables output power adjustment according to load conditions.

5. The electronic control system is able to sense the load conditions of hydraulic system, and thus adjusts the pump flow accordingly. This allows the engine to operate with optimized load, so as to save fuel consumption.

Comfortable Operation Environment
1. The crawler excavator is equipped with a powerful air conditioning system, providing comfy temperature at any time.
2. The large, bright and spacious cab also offers wide viewing angle.
3. The adjustable suspension seat, together with the large size monitor and easily accessible operating devices, creates excavator operators a comfortable environment.

Convenient Remote Monitoring and Operation System
1. To match up with the engine power as well as hydraulic system pressure and flow conditions, the tracked excavator is designed with varied Power Mode options (H, S, L and B) for customers to choose from. That is, according to the excavator working conditions, operators can select a suitable Power Mode simply via buttons, so as to maximally reduce damages to the machinery parts and components, improve efficiency and save fuel consumption.

2. Idle Mode and Automatic Resetting Function are available. When the crawler excavator stops working for continuous three seconds, the engine speed will be automatically reduced to minimum to enter into the Idle Mode. This ensures great fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. When there is any motion of the operating handle, the engine will be restored to original speed. The operator can also press the Idle Mode Cancel button to reset the heavy equipment.

3. The crawler excavator has remote monitoring as well as remote failure diagnosis and failure alarm functions. These functions together allow end users, sales agents and the manufacturer to know the real-time working status of the excavator at any place and any time, thus allowing for troubleshooting in the shortest period of time and minimizing the downtime.

4. The crawler excavator has automatic maintenance reminding function. By reminding users to maintain the machine periodically, it comes with maximally extended service life.

Technical Specifications of the Crawler Excavator
Item Index Unit
Operating Weight 24000 kg
Bucket Capacity 1.2 m3
Engine Model Cummins 6BTA5.9
Rated Power 124/2000 KW/RPM
Max. Torque 651/1500 Nm/rpm
Displacement 5.9 L
Performance Parameters Traveling Speed 3.4/6.2 KM/H
Slewing Speed 11.8 RPM
Standard Ground Pressure 44 KPA
Max. Digging Force of Bucket 145 KN
Max. Digging Force of Bucket Rod 110 KN
Overall Dimension Overall Length 9678 mm
Overall Width 2990 mm
Max. Boom Height 3088 mm
Rotating Platform Width 2840 mm
Max. Cab Height 3088 mm
Ground Clearance of Counterweight 1080 mm
Max. Counterweight Height 2070 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 468 mm
Rear End Turning Radius 3075 mm
Wheel Base 3640 mm
Track Length 4443 mm
Track Gauge 2390 mm
Track Width 600 mm
Working Range Max. Digging Radius 9740 mm
Max. Digging Depth 6160 mm
Max. Digging Height 9392 mm
Max. Dumping Height 6622 mm
Max. Digging Radius at Ground Level 9559 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 442 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 278 L
Cooling Fluid Capacity 50 L
Engine Oil Capacity 16.5 L
Lubricating Oil Capacity (for Speed Reducer of Travel Mechanism) 2*5.4 L
Lubricating Oil Capacity (for Speed Reducer of Slewing Mechanism) 4.5 L
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